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Earthquake insurance for commerecial buildings.

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Contact us.  A 5-minute phone conversation let's us know what you need.

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Sip a margarita while we solicit  bids from every insurance company to get you the best value. 

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We bring you the best alternative and explain it to you in plain English.

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Just sign. We already handled all the paperwork. 


“Elliot Katzovitz Insurance is always very helpful. We are very satisfied with all their services and will continue to recommend them to clients.”

     -Ann Waldie • Rubin Properties, Beverly Hills CA

“Elliot has always taken the time to answer specific questions and offer knowledgeable information. Our account representative, Kit, has always responded to any request in a timely and friendly way. A fine team of experts who have provided great rates and service to our HOA for over a decade.”

     -Janet Surmi • 11050 Riverside HOA Inc., North Hollywood CA

“Having to find insurance for the first time for an HOA property, EKIA made the experience a lot easier and smooth. Exceptionally helpful and great to communicate.”

     -Brenda Coracero • Unyglobe Management, Torrance CA

“Elliot was very straightforward with our policy & identified gaps in our condo coverage that our previous insurer had neglected."

     -Patrick Nercessian • East Magnolia Ten Inc., Burbank CA

“Elliot always finds superior coverage for less.”

     -Michael Cassell • Cassell Properties , Los Angeles CA

“Office is very amenable to all suggestions and are always trying to help. They saved me so much money."

     -Allan Silverstein • 713 9th Street HOA, Santa Monica CA

“Someone is always available when we have questions. Your staff is always very friendly and east to talk with.”

     -Heather Miller • Rubin Properties, Beverly Hills CA

“Always a pleasure to speak with your staff! You also always respond to any questions we have without us having to call a second time. You guys are great.”

      -Heather Miller • Rubin Properties, Beverly Hills CA

“Always ready to assist with advice or action as needed. Always finds the best answer to any question on our coverage. Willing and able to speak to board members as well as homeowners.”

     -Marysia Leu • Curtis Management, Carlsbad CA

“Always helpful, always there. Thanks!”

     -Gary McDonald • Brooks Plaza HOA, Venice CA

“You make my life easier by providing timely service, handling owner insurance document request and providing timely renewal packages.”

     -Danny Padilla • Cardinal Management Group, South Pasadena CA

“Response time to resolve any issue is always very prompt.”

     -William Weeks • Alhambra Townhouse Owners Association, Alhambra 

“Our previous insurer’s premium was 2 x’s the amount than EKIA’s for the same coverage."

    -Doug Waterman • 1937 Euclid HOA, Santa Monica CA

“Whenever I have questions or need help with something, Kit is always readily available! She’s the best!”

     -Lori Ward • Casa Frontera II HOA, San Diego CA

“Elliot has taken a lot of time explaining details about HOA coverage and the claims process as well as the differences between liability and property damage.”

     -Howard Sall • Kelton De Ville HOA, Los Angeles CA

“Staff is very friendly and helpful, when something is needed for our records i.e. insurance dec page, the information is emailed of faxed to the office within the same business day. Very helpful, makes our life and office run smoothly.”

     -Gabriela Perez • Ontrack Asset Management, Los Angeles CA

“Elliot Katzovitz always make time to attend out HOA Board meeting when we request it. Everyone in the office is always very very helpful and professional whenever I call.”

     -Beth Schumann • Sierra Shores Condo Association, Los Angeles CA

“Elliot and his team have worked hard assisting our HOA with finding the most affordable insurance for our HOA-it is most appreciated.”

     -Tara Cooper • Portofino HOA, Los Angeles CA

“As owners of an older building, it’s been hard to find reasonable insurance quotes. EKIA has worked hard to provide the lowest coverage cost.”

     -Alva Lefevre • Enid Mazza Armond Trust, Los Angeles CA

"As a very small HOA, we valued expertise in helping select and secure appropriate coverage. We are Self-administered, so your service is especially valued."

     -Patti McDonald – Miller Terrace Homeowners Association, Mill Valley CA

"EKIA is always looking out for their clients. They are consistently reviewing policies to find better coverage and the best pricing."

     -Danny Padilla, Cardinal Real Estate Group, Pasadena CA

"EKIA has always stayed on top of our HOA account and has helped make us more aware of HOA related issues. . .”

     -Joel Myerson • 1552 Harvard Street HOA, Santa Monica CA

“I have always been impressed by how fast any request is acted upon. Your agency is on top of everything at all times. Very Impressive."

     -Charles Pell • Princeton Homeowners Association, Santa Monica CA

“Elliot’s objective about what’s best for the property, even if that means going with a different agent. He’s willing to explain policy provisions to clients and meet with them.”

     -Danny Hill • Delta Property Management, Beverly Hills CA

“Saved our Homeowners Association money on Earthquake and other insurance policy. Elliot Katzovitz has attended many HOA meetings to answer questions."

     -Renee Wager • 429 Montana HOA, Santa Monica CA

“Elliot is the most knowledgeable agent I ever met.”

     -Albert Cioni • Terrace View Condo Association, Los Angeles CA

“After several different building and earthquake policies with several major companies, our HOA made contact with the Elliot Katzovitz Agency and almost instantly cleared years of confusion. The agency not only brokered us very significant savings and better coverage, but helped us understand our own association better than we ever had.”

     -Jon Wagner • De Stijl Colony Owner’s Assoc., West Hollywood CA

“You did assist the Board greatly in the last renewal of the Earthquake insurance policy and also saved the Association money with a policy that fit the Association’s needs with the recent renewal now with EKIA for the commercial package policy.”

     -Marie Sudar • Tibold Asset Management, Pacific Palisades CA

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